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 Support Music for Europe. 

Partners, Donors and Supporters!


Krzyżowa-Music is an international chamber music festival for the next generation. Music from Krzyżowa. For Europe. Long time before its tenth anniversary season 2024, Krzyżowa-Music has become a major international cultural event for Europe. With concerts in Poland and Germany and in future also in further European cultural centres, Krzyżowa-Music carries the European idea beyond Krzyżowa into Europe.

In addition to public support from Poland and Germany, the foundations, donors and partners make this new festival possible. Since the corona pandemic, we do not have any ticket revenues (admission is free), but rather greatly appreciate any donations given after the concerts. Whether as a partner, major sponsor or donor, each contribution counts and enables the realization of nationwide concerts and projects. We explicitly understand ourselves as representatives of company interests. We feel commited to professional implementation of service and return to ensure an optimum achievement of goals for both sides.

 Your options to support us: 

Every kind of support needs to be as individual as the partner supporting us.
This is the reason why we do not offer pre-defined and standardized partnerships, but we invite to tailor-make your support. We are really looking forward to talking to you!

Partner: 25,000 € and more

Major Supporter: 10,000 € and more

Supporter: 5,000 € and more

Donators of Scholarships: 3,000 € and more


Further Supporter: 100 € and more

 Your Contact 

Your contact for all partners, donors and supporters:

Dr Matthias von Hülsen

Cell: +49 (0)151 / 18 41 82 87

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