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 20 countries and 3 generations 

 musicians from more than 

 Aspiring young and acclaimed 

The Krzyżowa-Musicians 2024*

We are very much looking forward to the musicians of this 10th anniversary season of Krzyżowa-Music, who will perform this years' Summer Concerts. Once again, musicians from over 20 nations and 3 generations will meet and develop again concert-ready interpretations of more and less well-known instrumental works in four intensive rehearsals and changing chamber music ensembles every day during these two weeks. In addition to the young, aspiring juniors and one or two mentors, at least one globally experienced and well-known musical personality - one of our seniors - will play in each ensemble.

Bilal Alnemr, violin

Nathan Amaral, violin

Maciej Baranowski, horn
Pablo Barragán, clarinet
Juliette Beauchamp, violin
Gábor Boldoczki, trumpet

Kayetan Cygański-Bolski, bassoon
Lorenzo Dainelli, clarinet
Miguel Erlich, viola
Karolina Errera, viola
Fanny Fheodoroff, violin
Adam Golka, piano
Lilit Grigoryan, piano
Viviane Hagner, violin
Mikayel Hakhnazaryan, violoncello

Wojciech Herzyk, percussion

Jakub Jackowski, oboe
Ori Kam, viola

Stephen Kim, violin
Garth Knox, composer und viola

Robert Kowalski, violinMaria Leszczyńska, violoncello

Lauraine Maudry, clarinet

Nathan Meltzer, violin
Midori, violin

Mathilde Milwidsky, violin

Martin Moriarty, viola

Ella van Poucke, violoncello
Erin Pitts, viola

Yannick Rafalimanana, piano

Christoph Richter, violoncello

Julian Schlootz, double bass

Zuzanna Sosnowska, violoncello

Alexey Stadler, violoncello

Jonathan Swensen, violoncello

Nicholas A. Swensen, viola

Lars Anders Tomter, viola

Anna Viechtl, harp

Stephen Waarts, violin

Claire Wells, violin

Amadeus Wiesensee, piano

Kristina Winiarski, violoncello

Stephanie Winker, flute
Kinga Wojdalska, viola

*Status: 1 June 2024, may be subject to change

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