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 Join our Krzyżowa-Music 

 Summer Concerts of the 

 Anniversary Season 2024  

 Concerts in Krzyżowa and further beautiful  

 venues in Lower Silesia such as Wrocław, 

 Świdnica, or Szczawno-Zdrój  

 From 29th of August till 8th of September 

The Krzyżowa-Music Concerts 2024

Once more a number of internationally renowned musicians will meet a selected number of young aspiring musicians from the classical European music scene and far beyond. Together they will live and make music in Krzyżowa and present the results in numerous summer concerts in Lower Silesia as well as during the late-summer tour in 2024 across Poland and Germany.


The Anniversary Season
Summer Concerts 2024

from 27th August till
8th September 2024


Late-Summer Tour 2024

10th till 14th September 2024


the Venues

Find out about

the venues

in Lower Silesia

Discover the Repertoire 2023

More than 50 chamber music works are on this Ninth Season's rehearsal schedule in Krzyżowa. In-depth interpretations will work on in many intensive rehearsals. If the musical results, acquired during rehearsals, will then actually performed in concert will only be decided on towards the end of the rehearsal period.

Due to this method of working, the evening programmes were finalised only a few days before the actual concert.

You can find here the repertoire list for the upcoming concerts 2023:

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