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  Apply here for Krzyżowa-Music 2024. 
  With beginning of December 2023 .

Application phase for
Krzyżowa-Music 2023 is closed now!

Krzyżowa-Music’s 9th edition takes place from 22nd August till 3rd September 2023. As in the past years, internationally acclaimed and established musicians will be meeting a carefully selected number of young aspiring musicians of the classical music scene.

In this unique workshop and concert atmosphere of Krzyżowa-Music, a number of worldwide renowned musicians constitute our very distinguished group of "Seniors". Since Viviane Hagner's founding of Krzyżowa-Music personalities such as Jaques Ammon, Shmuel Ashkenasi, Alfred Brendel, Midori, Nils Mönkemeyer, Matthias Kirschnereit or Eckard Runge are studying, rehearsing, discussing and performing together with our carefully selected group of highly talented and aspiring "Juniors". An exciting group of musicians encounter and share their experience, expertise, and fresh input. The relaxed atmosphere with ample time to rehearse allows for a deep understanding of the pieces worked on, in preparation of the performances presented at our Krzyzowa Music concerts.

Which requirements should you meet when applying?

· Open-mindedness, love for music and a fresh approach

· Excellent instrumental skills and the aim to improve chamber-music

· Desire for perfection in working together with outstanding musical partners

Rising Stars: The Krzyżowa-Music Juniors 

Krzyżowa-Music invites around 38 carefully selected aspiring musicians (Juniors) to spend two to three summer weeks in the rural seclusion of Krzyżowa, together with some of the most sought-after, educationally experienced musicians (Seniors) from around the world. In a casual yet concentrated atmosphere, they work together, learn together, share their generational experiences as well as perform together.

Time period

The Krzyżowa-Music Workshop will take place for the ninth time from 20th August till 3rd September 2023 with summer concerts in Lower Silesia. In September, some participants of the workshop will start a Late-Summer Tour through Poland and Germany.

Selection of Juniors

A jury of Seniors will review all submitted applications and select the Juniors.

Excelling Juniors will be invited for repeated participation.

Very experienced Juniors will be able to participate as Mentors, receiving special assignments. All Juniors will be granted a full scholarship.


We look forward to receiving applications from musicians up to the age of 30. The requirements for Krzyżowa-Music Juniors should be fulfilled.

For the upcoming season, we have openings for clarinet, only. 

Sound Samples

Interested musicians should submit at least two contrasting works to their application.
Your application should include at least one work from the classical period (Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert). At least one sample should be video material. 

Applications for the season 2023

The application phase was open from December 2022 until 31 January 2023 here. All applicants will be informed about the results.


For more information please contact: application [at]

We look forward to receiving your application from December 2023!

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