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Through the COVID-19 crisis we are faced with unexpected challenges – neither can anyone predict the developments during the next months nor can we foresee what we all are going to experience in the near future. Naturally, we hope and believe that Krzyżowa-Music will take place this year, to contribute to overcoming the present stormy times by our concerts. Let’s see how the coming months develop. Now already we can see more clearly under which conditions, according to Yehudi Menuhin’s motto "Live Music Now“, will be possible for the musicians to perform. We are prepared for all kinds of upcoming changes in the planning of events and will keep you informed here.

Take care, stay healthy and meanwhile enjoy listening to our concerts 2019 here:

Krzyżowa-Music 2020

Krzyżowa, formerly Kreisau, stands like no other comparable location for resistance, exchange, culture and for European understanding. Kryżowa-Music will be hosting

the sixth edition of the internationally acclaimed music workshop with festival flair

from 18th til 30th August 2020.



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The Repertoire

More than 40 chamber music pieces will once again be rehearsed this summer

in Krzyzowa/Kreisau. The repertoire list of pieces you might be listening to will be publishes short time before the concerts. In-depth interpretations will be acquired through many intensive rehearsals. At least one experienced musical personality (Senior or Mentor) who is familiar with the piece participates in each chamber music formation.

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”Nothing could be more fitting than to have music played at this particular location. The pronouncement of Freya von Moltke that

‘any successful encounter has to involve listening carefully to one another’ is exactly what these young musicians put into practice.

Alfred Brendel, Pianist


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