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 Join us for the Krzyżowa-Music 
 Summer Festival Concerts 2024  
 in Krzyżowa and across Lower Silesia! 

 Concerts from 29th August till 8th September 2024 in Krzyżowa, Wrocław, 
 Grodziszcze, Jawor, and Szczawno-Zdrój  

Krzyżowa (formerly Kreisau) stands, like no other comparable location, for resistance, exchange, culture and for European understanding. Krzyżowa-Music will be hosting the tenth edition of the internationally acclaimed music workshop with festival flair from 29th August till 8th September 2024.

Once more a number of internationally renowned musicians will meet a selected number of young aspiring musicians from the classical European music scene and far beyond. Together they will live and make music in Krzyżowa and present the results in numerous concerts until 8th of September 2024 in Lower Silesia.

No upcoming events at the moment
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