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 The estate Krzyżowa: 

 A magic place.  

 Concerts from 

 27th of August till 8th of September 2024 

 in Krzyżowa as well as daily  

 public workshop-rehearsals

 The Krzyżowa Estate 

Krzyżowa is a small village with about 200 inhabitants, situated in the heart of Lower Silesia, about 10 kilometres east of Świdnica. Centrally located in the village is what formally used to be the farmyard with its originally classicist manor house, rebuilt at the end of the 19th century. The House on the Hill (Berghaus), the family home of Helmuth James von Moltke, lies slightly apart and above the farmyard.

It was in the Berghaus that the secret meetings of the resistance group against the National Socialists, the Kreisau Circle, took place. Here the Kreisau Circle laid the conceptual foundation for European thinking as we know it nowadays. Today Krzyżowa is a symbol for the integration of the peoples of Europe. Discover the rich history of the Kreisau Circle, of Krzyżowa and Lower Silesia as well as of the importance of Krzyżowa for Poland and Europe.

 The Venue: Concert Hall 

The light-flooded theatre and multi-purpose hall is part of the Krzyżowa estate and serves as the main assembly and event hall of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe. Here the rehearsals and the evening concerts take place.

 How to find your way to Krzyżowa: 

Address: Krzyżowa 7, 58-112 Grodziszcze, Poland

 Hotel recommendations nearby 
palac gruszow.jpg
Pałac Gruszów

Pałac Krasków, about 12 km from Krzyżowa. Special rates for  Krzyżowa–Music Guests.

Double bedroom incl. breakfast
from 80,00€

Red Baron Hotel

Hotel Red Baron being the first address in Świdnica, about 9 km  from Krzyżowa.

Double bedroom incl. breakfast

from 70,00 €

Hotel Red Baron.jpg
Hotel Pod Wierzbą

Hotel pod Wierzbą is a simple
and reasonably priced hotel,

about 7 km from Krzyżowa.

Double bedroom incl. breakfast
from 50,00 €

Hotel pod wierzba.jpg
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