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 Summer Concerts from 22nd August till 3rd September 2023 in Krzyżowa  
 and the most beautiful places in Lower Silesia, Poland. 


The Krzyżowa-Music Season 2023:
Live in Krzyżowa and Lower Silesia.

Krzyżowa, formerly Kreisau, stands like no other place for European understanding

and international unity, exchange and culture. Since 2015, the Krzyżowa-Music
masterclasses have been very recognized worldwide thanks to their high level and the incomparable festival atmosphere. 

The Krzyżowa-Music concerts take place in Krzyżowa and other remarkable venues

across Lower Silesia, Poland and in Germany. Music lovers and interested persons

 are cordially invited to join us for concerts and symposia Krzyżowa. All current news are published during spring and summer time on this website.

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Venues 2022

Discover our last season’s venues!



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Concerts 2023


our season's
concerts 2023

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Meet our last season’s

 Krzyżowa-Music Summer-Season

In 2022, despite the Covid pandemic, now in its third year, and the present challenges facing Europe and the world due to the violent war of aggression against our neighbours in the Ukraine, nothing has been able to prevent musicians from all over the world meeting here every August in Krzyżowa/Kreisau, where we make music together to the highest of standards and reflect on the social significance we have in these troubling times. 

Sadly, with the current circumstances in the Ukraine, this vision of Europe is once again being shaken to its very foundations. We therefore dedicate our festival to the Ukraine in keeping with the spirit of one of the Kreisau Circle’s essential tenets: ”The strength of Europe lies in the strength of its cultures“.

Nevertheless, enjoy listening a selection of our concerts here:


Review the programme 2022

The schedule for the 2022 workshops included over 50 chamber works.
During everyday intensive rehearsals, in-depth interpretations of more and
less known instrumental works were developed. These small groups consisted
once again selected junior musicians and at least one experienced and
well-known musical personality.

The Repertoire and the Concert Programmes have been published here >>

Krzyżowa-Music to listen and watch