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 The international 

 Chamber Music Festival  

 for the Next Generation 

 Get to know the Krzyżowa-Music idea 

 as well as the people behind. 

In Krzyżowa we can experience the idea of Europe where it originated. Inspired, we will explore, question and probe this strength of Europe over and over again at the hightest possible musical level. We will take the inspiration and new impulses we have discovered and share them with audiences in Krzyżowa, in Poland and all over Europe.

* from the papers of the Kreisau Circle


All about the Festival, the Workshops,

the participants, and Seniors and Juniors

 Das Workshop-Festival 

Our Inspiration


Here in Krzyżowa, formerly Kreisau, on the estate of Freya and Helmuth James von Moltke, a civilian resistance group planned 1942–1943 a peaceful and democratic Europe without borders. They had been inspired by the creative and inclusive teachings of the educational reformer and philanthropist, Eugenie Schwarzwald, and her Vienna circle. It was in Krzyżowa that Germany and Poland celebrated their Mass of Reconciliation in November 1989, a starting point for Europe to grow closer together.

 Kreisau: an inspirational place 
 Welcoming letters 
 of our Patrons 

The Foreign Ministers of

Germany and Poland

 The people behind 

The idea for Krzyżowa-Music evolved into the chamber music festival; what started as two people with a common vision has now grown into an experienced team.

Viviane Hagner 
Artistic Direction 
 Dr Matthias von Hülsen
 General Director
 Paulina Schmid
 Dep. General Manager
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