Welcoming Letters of  

 Krzyżowa-Music’s Patrons  

Message from Heiko Maas, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs,
for the project Krzyżowa-Music: Music for Europe

The main venue of the Krzyżowa music festival is of great importance for German-Polish relations and the history of resistance against National Socialist tyranny. Last year, Germans and Poles joined together in Kreisau to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Reconciliation Mass. The moving meeting on 12 November 1989 between the then Polish Prime Minister Tadeusz Masowiecki and former Chancellor Helmut Kohl is one of the most important symbols on the road to German-Polish reconciliation. The fact that a centre of culture and a meeting place for German, Polish and European young people has come into being here shows that reconciliation is possible over time.

The Krzyżowa-Music: Music for Europe festival is now entering its sixth season and is an established event in the German-Polish cultural calendar. A common cultural event sends an important signal especially in these difficult times when we have to tackle a pandemic and its economic and social impact together.

The Krzyżowa music festival is in very good hands at this place of European understanding. It underscores the essential values of solidarity, mutual trust and cooperation. Artists from numerous countries in Europe and overseas are once again working together musically in a spirit of international understanding. This close and trusting artistic cooperation is also an opportunity for exchanging views on current social and political issues.

As in 2019, we will commemorate historic events that have shaped our common history. The Second World War ended 75 years ago. Forty years ago, the free trade union Solidarność was founded in Poland, which had a profound impact on people’s desire for freedom in East Germany. Last but not least, we are also celebrating 30 years of German unity this year. These events are discussed and called to mind at many events at this meeting place in Kreisau in particular.

I was thus delighted to join my Polish counterpart Jacek Czaputowicz as patron of this project once again, one that unites people across borders.

Permit me to wish the Krzyżowa music festival every success also this year and to thank all participants and sponsors for their great commitment. I wish the audience a unifying musical experience together.