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 Welcoming Letters of  

 Krzyżowa-Music’s Patrons  

 von Krzyżowa-Music 

Message from Annalena Baerbock,
Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and Member of the German Bundestag,

for the project

Krzyżowa-Music: Music for Europe

Krzyżowa is a special place for German-Polish relations and for Europe. It was here, 80 years ago while the National Socialists’ terrible war of annihilation unleashed by Germany was raging in Europe, that the Kreisau Circle (Kreisauer Kreis) resistance group met. Its members discussed how a new social order could emerge on the European continent after the war – one based on humanity and international understanding.

While that was a distant vision at the time, it is now a reality. With the European Union, we Europeans have created a unique peace project – and the people of Germany and Poland enjoy close and friendly relations. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine shows us how precious these achievements are. That is why Germany and Poland, as partners and friends in the European Union and NATO, stand firmly together by Ukraine’s side. Together, we are standing up for a European peaceful order in which all people can live in freedom.

At the same time, we know that the friendship between Germany and Poland cannot be taken for granted. Reconciliation between the people of our countries is an ongoing task for us. Furthermore, we are doing our utmost to breathe life into our relations each and every day – with cross-border and youth exchanges between people and with joint cultural projects.

This is precisely what the International Youth Meeting Centre and the Krzyżowa music festival stand for. This music festival brings together young musicians from different countries. Last year, with the campaign Musicians Help Musicians, the festival helped musicians who had fled Ukraine to continue to pursue their careers in exile. Moreover, the fact that the Youth Meeting Centre hosted 100 Ukrainian refugees sent an equally important message.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to assume the patronage of the Krzyżowa music festival once again, together with my Polish counterpart Zbigniew Rau. I would like to thank all the organisers – and I wish the festival and all its visitors great joy and every success also this year.

Kind regards,

Annalena Baerbock

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs

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