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 Sven Sochaczewsky  

 marketing & communication   

„Especially in these days, when Europe is facing new challenges on a daily basis, we need people who set an example of what it means to live the European idea. Culture and music in particular, has the power to evoke a Europe that reaches beyond the political dimension, creates new connecting visions and inspires the people. Having lived in Western and Eastern Europe, a united Europe is very close to my heart - Krzyżowa-Music shows that this all is possible.”

Sven Sochaczewsky is a communications and marketing specialist. Raised in a musical family, he studied design in Berlin and workes for more than 20 years for major communication consultancies in Berlin, Paris, Bucharest and Hamburg.


Since 2004 Sven Sochaczewsky has been deeply committed to the Freya von Moltke Foundation and to Krzyżowa-Music, since its founding in 2014.

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