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 Janusz Gregorowicz  

 Media Relations  

„2018 I came to Krzyżowa more or less privately and free of expectations. This magical place immediately enchanted and deeply impressed me. I have found a true socio-musical meeting place for creative artists and interested people from all over Europe, even from all over the world. In this place of historic importance for the German-Polish friendship and European cohesion, I could hear high standard young talents. Here I experience music in its true function: as a connecting power, overcoming borders and our individual and social differences. I am therefore especially happy to be a part of the future of Krzyżowa.“

Born in Poznan, Janusz Gregorowicz received his first musical training in the Poznan Boys Choir. Later on, he studied flute and singing. More than 36 years he was a member of the Rias Chamber Choir Berlin..

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