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 Tamara Chorąży  

 project management  

„I can hardly imagine Krzyżowa without the festival Krzyżowa-Music any more just as I cannot imagine Krzyżowa-Music at any other place. We are united by people and memories but also by the idea of working beyond borders for unity, peace and values based on mutual respect and understanding. Organizing such a large and magnificent international project is a challenge for Krzyżowa itself. We draw strength and inspiration from the awareness

that what started in a small village in Lower Silesia will find its continuation in the world.“

Tamara Chorąży is a graduate from German Literature and Linguistic at the University of Wrocław and from Management and Marketing at the Wrocław College of Finance and Management. For many years she has been engaged in the preparation and implementation of partnership projects at various levels.


She works for the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe as a member of the fund raising team and as project manager for Krzyżowa-Music.

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