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 COVID-19 Hygiene 

COVID-19 Hygiene Rules
for Krzyżowa-Music 2021

Applies to all participants, for visitors staying in Krzyżowa and for day guests during joint activities.

Basic requirements:

If you have had contact with someone suffering from Covid-19 in the past 14 days or are suffering from an upper respiratory infection yourself, please stay at home. You may otherwise only arrive in Krzyżowa after having been tested negative for Covid-19 twice, before and after 5 days.

General Guidelines:

  • Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres between each other;

  • Participants and visitors to Krzyżowa-Music wear wristbands that make them recognizable as fully vaccinated or recovered (together they form a group) or as currently negative tested (antigen tests updated daily, PCR tests no more than 48 hours since testing);

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in all indoor areas. Exceptions only apply to completely vaccinated persons in mutual and recorded groups. During meals it is important to keep a distance to not fully vaccinated persons;

  • Encounters with people who are not visitors or participants of Krzyżowa-Music and who cannot be identified by wristbands are to be avoided as far as possible. If unavoidable then only by observing the distancing rules and wearing a mask;

  • To ensure the tracking of a possible chain of infection it is mandatory for all participants and visitors to fill out a daily contact diary on a printed form for all personal encounters lasting longer than 10 minutes (Daily submission. Documents remain under lock and key and will be destroyed after 14 days);

  • Should adjustments to the rules be necessary due to the development of the pandemic, these are mandatory for everyone.

Arrival and test obligations:

A negative PCR test, which should not be older than 48 hours since testing, is required for all persons not fully vaccinated prior to arrival. Upon arriving in Krzyżowa, all participants and visitors will be submitted to an initial antigen test.

Outdoors regulations:

  • Fully vaccinated persons can meet in groups without any restrictions and for recreational sports outdoors without masks.

  • For those who are not fully vaccinated, a mask is required even outdoors if distances cannot be maintained.

Events (including concerts and public rehearsals):

  • The rules currently stipulated by the responsible authorities apply and, for Krzyżowa-Music, moreover: Everyone, with the exception of the performing musicians, is required to wear a mask.

  • The auditoriums are arranged according to a chessboard pattern. Joint households and comparable cohorts are allowed to sit together without social distancing.


Special regulations:

  • The following rule applies when visiting the U’Hrabiego Restaurant in Krzyżowa: Please only use the tables on the lawn in front of the restaurant. Orders may be placed indoors at the counter, masks are then mandatory;

  • In residential buildings (Manor House, Cowshed and Horse Stable) used jointly with other groups, the distancing rules and mask requirement apply in all corridors and on the stairs;

  • The following precautionary rules apply to singers and wind players because of the more intensive aerosol emissions: A negative PCR test not more than 48 hours prior to arrival is also required for fully vaccinated singers and wind players. In addition, a further antigen test is carried out every two days (anyhow daily for those who are not fully vaccinated) - if possible as a PCR test.

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